Updated Ted Instructor Resources

Find out what’s new with Ted, the campus learning management system (LMS), for 2014-2015 in this short video featuring the Instructional Technology Support (ITS) team!

Over the summer, ITS improved help resources for Ted. Get answers to common questions like:

Take a look at all of the new resources today!

In person training is also available on a variety of Ted topics. Faculty can sign up for a session via the training calendar.

Summer 2014 Ted Training

An ITS training sessionInstructional Technology Support (ITS) is hosting training for Ted, UC San Diego’s learning management system this summer. Multiple sessions will be offered between June 25 through September 4 for the following classes:

  • Ted Overview – designed for beginners in Ted, including how to set up a course and some basic features
  • Ted Grade Center – how to customize the grade center and set up weighted columns

Training for clickers is also available, offered in conjunction with Instructional Technology Integration, a fellow unit of Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS):

  • i>clicker Overview – covers the equipment and software required, as well as the basics of how to setup and use clickers in your course
  • Ted / i>clicker Integration – find out how to sync i>clicker with Ted and upload scores (for Ted users only)

Visit the Ted training webpage to see the dates of each training and reserve your space in a training session. Space is limited, so reserve your space today! Faculty can also request one-on-one training with Ted online.

Meet Ted

Ted homepageHave you met Ted? Ted is UC San Diego’s learning management system that offers instructors options to supplement their instruction outside of the classroom. In Winter Quarter 2014, 860 courses used Ted. In fact, Ted is so popular that students often request that faculty use it in their courses.

Ted is tailored to meet the needs of instructors. Faculty new to Ted can start with basic features like:

  • Announcement and email functions to update students regarding the course or assignments
  • Central location to post documents like the course syllabus, reading material, and lecture slides
  • Assignment submission system that allows instructors to confirm when students turned in assignments

Instructors can expand Ted to include features such as:

  • A grade center where students can see how they are progressing in the course
  • Online discussion forums, blogs, and journals that allow students to engage each other outside the classroom
  • iClicker integration with Ted
  • Adding YouTube videos
  • TurnItIn plagiarism detection software for writing assignments and research papers

Instructors who want a Ted site for their course can request one by completing a Cinfo request. Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) holds group and one-on-one training sessions for faculty, TAs, and staff who use Ted. To request training, complete this form and one of ACMS’s Ted experts in Instructional Technology Support will contact you to schedule a session.

ACMS Aces: Quyen Tran

Quyen Tran of ITSA major function of the ACMS Instructional Technology Support (ITS) group is providing faculty assistance with Ted, UC San Diego’s learning management system. Instructional Technology Support Assistant Quyen Tran is a new member of the ITS team and an addition to the first line of support for Ted.

“A big part of my job is helping faculty with everything related to Ted,” Quyen said. “I answer a lot of their questions through email or phone. Sometimes I [provide] in-person help.” Many times, this involves helping faculty navigate inside of Ted to find the feature that they need. When faculty encounter more complicated issues, Quyen works with other ITS members to ensure that Ted is running as smoothly as possible.

As a UC San Diego alumna, Quyen was familiar with Ted from the student side before she joined ITS. “As a student I didn’t know much about it, except that you could upload stuff on it,” Quyen said, “but now working on the other side with instructors I can see that you can do a lot…with it, such as facilitate really useful discussions.” Quyen is particularly impressed with the feature that lets faculty create tests inside Ted and save the questions for use in future courses. She also recommends that more faculty try the surveying tool and Ted’s i>clicker integration, which Quyen said is very easy after a little practice.

Quyen loves the fact that supporting faculty is a significant part of her job. “I get really, really excited when a professor is really happy about the work I did,” she said. Quyen can get a wide variety of requests assisting faculty with instructional technology needs and she often collaborates with other departments to find the right solution.

Though Quyen is new to ITS, she is an ACMS veteran. As a student, she previously worked at ResNet/Help Desk as a lead technician, providing first tier support for all of ACMS’s services. “The biggest difference is as a Help Desk technician you are expected to know a little bit of everything, to troubleshoot everything from networking to software to hardware,” Quyen explained. “Working at ITS, the main thing is that you have to know a lot of one thing, which is Ted and what it does.” Her time at the Help Desk prepared Quyen for her role with ITS by developing her customer service skills and ability to explain technical details to people who may not have a technical background.

Quyen spends much of her free time with her two dogs Belle the Husky and Lemon the Shar Pei/Golden Retriever mix. The trio can often be found at dog-friendly beaches, like Fiesta Island and the Ocean Beach Dog Beach. When not frolicking with her pups, she regularly dances and does yoga.

When you stop by Quyen’s office, check out her favorite item on her desk: a ninja star supporting two ninjas on springs, left there by a former occupant of the space. Quyen described her first encounter with it, saying, “I thought, ‘This is weird,’ so I tried to pick it up, but it’s stuck there. Now it’s actually becoming my favorite part of my desk because I like to bob it around.”

When you need help with Ted, give ITS a call at (858) 822-3315 or drop them an email its@ucsd.edu. Quyen and the entire ITS team are ready with their ninja skills to dispatch whatever issues you may encounter.

ACMS Aces is a series of articles that highlights the dedicated employees of Academic Computing & Media Services at UC San Diego. Keep checking back to find out more about the people behind the magic at ACMS!

ACMS Aces: Rik Barnes

Rik Barnes of ITSTechnology has become a big part of teaching and learning at UC San Diego. Identifying and using tools to their best advantage can sometimes be a challenging task for faculty. Instructional Technologist Rik Barnes works with faculty to determine their instructional technology needs for a course and identify what tools are available to meet those needs. He supports their teaching by helping them to find the right tools to assist in managing their courses and provide a good student experience.

One tool already broadly used at UC San Diego is Ted, UC San Diego’s learning management system (LMS). Over 24,000 students at UC San Diego have at least one class that uses Ted. Rik helps faculty and TAs use Ted better. He demonstrates different features that faculty can use to manage their course and help students learn. This can include delivering course content through short videos, uploading slides or a syllabus, and creating online discussions through Ted.

As a member of the Instructional Technology Support (ITS) team, Rik is currently evaluating the training available for Ted and identifying how it can be improved and added to. “We’ve identified what we have now. We’re almost done identifying where we want to be,” Rik said. “Once we finish with that we’ll have the gap analysis to dissect, categorize, and prioritize the kind of training that the faculty” need to get the most out of Ted.

Rik was excited to join ITS and work at UC San Diego. “My favorite working environment is a college campus. The environment is just so energizing and optimistic,” he said. “UC San Diego is a wonderful institution and I knew I’d be surrounded by smart, intelligent, innovative, and questioning people and all that’s invigorating to me.”

Prior to joining ITS, Rik worked as an instructional designer in a variety of industries in the public and private sector. He worked directly with faculty in the field of online education at the Grossmont-Cuyamaca College District where he worked on fully online and hybrid courses. Rik’s hands-on work is bolstered by his master’s degree in instructional technology from San Diego State University.

Outside of work, Rik enjoys mountain hiking. Around San Diego he enjoys hiking Black Mountain, Iron Mountain, and Cowles Mountain, but he hasn’t limited himself just to the county. “One of the [hikes] that I’m proudest of is climbing up to the top of Half Dome,” Rik said. “That was a big challenge for me. I felt very good about completing that.”

Striving to reach new heights is clearly something that Rik does naturally, no matter whether it’s enhancing instruction or conquering a mountain. Faculty who want to find out how Rik and ITS can help them can contact the team at its@ucsd.edu or (858) 822-3315.

ACMS Aces is a series of articles that highlights the dedicated employees of Academic Computing & Media Services at UC San Diego. Keep checking back to find out more about the people behind the magic at ACMS!

[UPDATED] Ted Has Been Upgraded!

Ted screen shotUPDATE: Ted is back up and running as normal! We hope you enjoy using all of the new features!

The Ted learning management system servers will be offline on December 18 for planned maintenance and upgrades.

Ted is scheduled to come back online the afternoon of December 18. It is anticipated that need for Ted will be low, as course grades should have been submitted by the 18th, but we apologize for any inconvenience. Schedule updates will be posted on the ACMS home page and here on the ACMS Blog.

The Ted upgrade will bring new features that will provide a better learning management system experience for faculty and students alike.

Download the Ted Feature Guide for Instructors to see an overview of the new features. (PDF)

ACMS Aces: April Cha

April Cha, Instructional Technology Support AssistantWhen UC San Diego faculty have a question about Ted, the campus’s learning management system, they call Instructional Technology Support, a unit of Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS). Since the start of the Fall 2013 quarter, faculty have had the pleasure of working with April Cha, ACMS’s new Instructional Technology Support Assistant.

“I am the first point of contact for faculty if they need support with Ted or any of the other instructional tools,” April said when describing her position. April answers phone calls and replies to emails that come to the Instructional Technology Support. Though requests for assistance come in throughout the quarter, the busiest time is always at the start of instruction. April said that at the start of this quarter, Instructional Technology Support receives dozens of emails a day plus numerous phone calls throughout the day. Most questions related to adding users to Ted courses and making sure that everyone had the appropriate level of access. As the quarter progresses, the sorts of questions change to making sure that tests run correctly, learning how to post grades, or integrating iClicker with Ted. April enjoys being able to help faculty with such a wide variety of questions.

One of the features of Ted that April has found UC San Diego faculty are very enthusiastic about is TurnItIn, which is free antiplagiarism software that can be integrated into Ted. April said that faculty “really like TurnItIn because it checks for plagiarism.” In particular, April finds the ability for faculty to grade and add notes inside of TurnItIn to be useful. “I like that professors can set it the way they like for the student to view it. If the professor doesn’t want them to see the originality report or how much of their paper matches other content, they can change the setting so they don’t get to see that,” April elaborated, “Faculty can set preferences for just about everything.”

Since arriving at UC San Diego, April has enjoyed the opportunity to partner closely with faculty. “I really like interacting with the professors and I’m finding them to be so personable,” April said, “They’re all really excited [about] how to integrate Ted with their classroom.” In particular, April likes the ability to work face-to-face with faculty through in-person interactions when she needs to address a particularly troublesome challenge. Not only do faculty learn how to use Ted, but April gets to provide individual faculty with personal service and build relationships with them as well.

April is a San Diego native who was thrilled to get the opportunity to work at UC San Diego. “It’s really an honor to be here,” April said, “I think working with faculty is a privilege. You get to learn so much just by interacting with them.” The next time you have a problem with Ted or any other instructional technology, contact Instructional Technology Support. April and her teammates are ready and waiting to help you with whatever you need. Welcome aboard April!

ACMS Aces is a series of articles that highlights the dedicated employees of Academic Computing & Media Services at UC San Diego. Keep checking back to find out more about the people behind the magic at ACMS!

Podcasting is Easy with ACMS

podcast_flier_wordartEvery quarter Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) provides podcasting and screencasting services for courses across campus at podcast.ucsd.edu. Podcasts create recordings of your courses that can be accessed later. Podcasts captures everything that an instructor says during his or her course. Screencasts captures not only the audio, but everything that projected during class like PowerPoint slides, websites, and anything placed on the document camera.

Podcasting is easy. All lecture halls are equipped for audio podcasting and many have video podcasting available as well. Instructors who want to have their course podcasted only have to take a few simple steps:

  • Sign up before the start of the quarter through ACMS’s podcasting website
  • Show up to class and wear and turn on the wireless microphone found inside each room
  • Give lecture as usual

A recording of the audio (and projected media if the course is signed up for screencasting) will be posted automatically at podcast.ucsd.edu where they can be downloaded by students later. There are no buttons to flip or machines to start. The recording begins automatically when the class is scheduled to begin and stops automatically at the scheduled end of the lecture. The only thing that instructors have to do is turn on the wireless microphone. Instructors who need extra time can contact ACMS to make arrangements.

Best of all, there is no charge to podcast a course or listen to a podcast at UC San Diego.

To find out more about how podcasting and screencasting works, ACMS has answered some frequently asked questions about podcasting at podcast.ucsd.edu. Members of the Instructional Technology Services team are also available to answer questions at (858) 822-3315 and its@ucsd.edu.

LMS Survey Winners Announced

Winner of the LMS Survey

Dr. Ella Tour (center) with her new iPad, joined by Dan Suchy (left) and Mike Palamara (right) of ITS.

Instructional Technology Support (ITS) would like to congratulate the winners of our Learning Management System (LMS) Survey! Dr. Ella Tour of the Division of Biological Sciences won the iPad and George Patterson, TA in the Department of Linguistics, won the iPod Nano.

Over 600 faculty, TAs, and staff responded to the LMS Survey in June indicating which features of UC San Diego’s current LMS, Ted, they currently use and evaluating the importance of a wide variety of potential features of an LMS. ITS appreciates the outstanding response and will publish more survey results as they develop an LMS advisory group during the next few months.

Meet Instructional Technology Support!

Long time veterans of UC San Diego will be familiar with Instructional Web Development Center (IWDC), a branch of Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) dedicated to supporting the web needs of instructors. Over time, this group has steadily expanded in its role and the IWDC acronym no longer captured the full scope of everything that they provided to the campus.

As a result, ACMS is pleased to announce that the group will now be known as Instructional Technology Support (ITS). ITS is responsible for maintaining and supporting Ted, UC San Diego’s learning management system (LMS), which supports over 22,000 students every quarter. In the 2012-2013 academic year, over 650 classes were supported each quarter. Instructional Technologists provide faculty with assistance integrating Ted and other educational technologies into their courses to enhance student learning. If you want to learn more about what they do, check out our interview with ITS team member Joan Holmquist. Additionally, ITS will be co-leading ACMS’s involvement in UC San Diego’s exploration of online courses as part of its partnership with Coursera.

Instructors who came to IWDC in the past will find the same friendly faces there to help them and all services are continuing without interruption. We just a new name to reflect all of the great services that we already provide UC San Diego’s instructors and students.