[UPDATE] Sdcc21 Now Requires SSL

[Nearly all email servers now require SSL]

  • sgva-serv1.ucsd.edu
  • icogsci1.ucsd.edu
  • imusic1.ucsd.edu
  • ieng6.ucsd.edu
  • sdcc13.ucsd.edu
  • sdcc15.ucsd.edu
  • sdcc17.ucsd.edu
  • sdcc21.ucsd.edu

Also: Some POPmail clients (Mac Mail, Entourage to name a couple) may have trouble connecting to mailboxes on ACS instructional servers if you’ve checked “use secure authentication” in addition to “use SSL” for connections.

This is because “use secure authentication” refers to APOP which requires a separate authentication database which doesn’t exist on our servers. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem since the standard calls for attempting a connection via APOP first, and then using the usual authentication method if that fails. It appears that these – and perhaps other – POPmail clients may not follow the standard, and will simply drop the connection when APOP fails.
[End of Update]

We’ve recently upgraded the sdcc21 server such that it now requires the use of the SSL protocol. If you are using an email client to check your UCSD email on sdcc21, please update your settings.
Note: Users of ACS Webmail are unaffected and do not have to change any settings.

Select your email client and then click on the documentation for SSL configuration.
Windows email clients
Mac email clients

Example SSL documentation:
Outlook 2007
Outlook Express 6


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