[Update] TED Restart

Due to TED’s servers are currently running at full capacity and users experiencing slow response times and an inability to log in, the servers have been restarted. We anticipated that the users will come back online at 5:45 PM. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Update @ 7:42: The TED servers have been restarted but are still experiencing high load. You may still experience slow response times, and we recommend accessing TED and downloading the files you need during non-peak hours to ease loads on the servers.


2 thoughts on “[Update] TED Restart

  1. I’m not sure whether it has been fixed by now or not, but I still cannot access my courses. I can log in, but it says module loading and it’s been doing it for a few minutes now.

  2. We hope that you got the email that sent you.

    For all other users, during peak hours you may continue to experience delays when attempting to access materials through TED. In order to ease the load for everyone, please consider downloading the materials that you need to a USB drive or local computer during non-peak hours.

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