Take a Look at the New Galbraith Hall!

The new Galbraith HallWe can barely contain our excitement over the opening of Galbraith Hall, UC San Diego’s newest lecture hall! Located in Revelle College, Galbraith Hall was originally UC San Diego’s first central library. Named for John S. Galbraith, UC San Diego’s second chancellor, Galbraith Hall has been renovated and transformed into a space devoted to learning and instruction.

The centerpiece of the renovation is the new 417 seat lecture hall, which features a single chip digital light projection (DLP) projector. This projector is the latest in its class and has only been recently released by the manufacturer. The projector provides brighter picture than other projectors for that picture size. The 16 foot projector screen is large enough that media is clear even in the back of the hall. Two 80-inch LCD flat panel displays mirror the larger projector. These flat panel displays eliminate awkward viewing angles of the main projector screen for students in the first three rows of the hall to see than the projector screen, ensuring that no one misses anything.

Top-of-the-line touchscreen controls allow instructors to control room lights, projector inputs (including a document camera, DVD player, and laptop connections), the projector screen, and media volume easily. The lecture hall also features a movable lectern that instructors can reposition. A demonstration bench complete with sink and utilities has been installed, making the space ideal for chemistry experiments. All seats in the lecture hall are numbered to promote academic integrity by allowing professors to assign seats for class meetings or exams.

Galbraith’s improvements go beyond the addition of a lecture hall. Galbraith Hall has quiet and active study spaces that increase the areas available to students for study. These spaces include plugs and wireless Internet connections. The study areas can jointly seat 120 students. Renovated office space has also been added on the second floor.

Pictures of the new Galbraith Hall can be found at the Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) Facebook page. Like the ACMS Facebook page to get all of the latest updates on everything we do at UC San Diego, including the ongoing Classroom and Lecture Hall Refresh Project.


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