ACMS Aces: Xayya Chanthadouangsy

Xayya ChanthadouangsyMeet one of the recent additions to the Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) team, Xayya , who oversees Campus Software Distribution for ACMS. Xayya comes to ACMS as a former recipient of Campus Software Distribution’s services when he had worked at the Preuss School and in a health research facility associated with UC San Diego. “I decided to apply for the position of Software Distribution mostly because I knew what it meant to the University as a whole,” Xayya said, “When the position opened up it was definitely something I was interested in.”

Xayya is responsible for understanding the software needs of the campus and getting software into the hands of faculty and departments across UC San Diego. Xayya also tests the software to make sure it works across different operating systems. With 10 to 12 different software packages that Campus Software Distribution provides to the campus, that is no small feat. Each software license has to be renewed annually and a license can sometimes support thousands of computers in service of research and student learning. On top of all that, Campus Software Distribution supports UC San Diego academics, researchers, healthcare professionals, and staff at all campuses and beyond. All of this combines to make Xayya a very busy person—and a very important one to ACMS’s services to the campus.

In addition to maintaining UC San Diego’s current software licenses, Xayya is also focusing on adapting Campus Software Distribution’s offerings to meet the campus’s evolving needs. In one example Xayya pointed out that the number of Apple users on campus has increased, but there are no software packages for Apple computers that are as widely available as Microsoft Office. Xayya said that he has already begun investigating expanded software offerings for UC San Diego.

One of Xayya’s primary focuses is raising the visibility of Campus Software Distribution so that more of UC San Diego can take advantage of their expertise. “People who need [software] the most don’t know where to get it and I think that a large part of this position is to be visible,” Xayya said. One of his goals to make sure that departments and faculty know that he is available to help them when they have software needs and make software purchasing easier. Xayya said that he has already found that graduate students often have software needs, but are unaware of whether they can get it through the department or if there is a cost. That is precisely the sort of issues that Xayya wants to help resolve for the campus.

A self-described Anglophile, Xayya’s favorite item in his office is his coffee mug featuring Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard, which he’s brought with him everywhere he’s worked. Xayya enjoys going to concerts and has even traveled as far as the United Kingdom and Amsterdam to see his favorite bands. One of the most common questions that Xayya gets is how to pronounce his last name. “It’s not so hard,” Xayya said, “It’s Chan-ta-dwong-see.”

ACMS is thrilled to have you on board Xayya. Welcome!

ACMS Aces is a series of articles that highlights the dedicated employees of Academic Computing & Media Services at UC San Diego. Keep checking back to find out more about the people behind the magic at ACMS!


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