York 2622 Refreshed and Ready

The refreshed York 2622York 2622, which boasts a 192 seat capacity, has just gotten refreshed! York 2622 is our second lecture hall refresh of 2013 (joining Galbraith Hall in June) and the first of four straight lecture hall refreshes to be completed between now and September. Needless to say, we are incredibly excited!

A lecture hall refresh is similar to a classroom refresh. The goal of both refreshes is to update the technology installed inside learning spaces to improve the student experience. One of the centerpieces of the York 2622 refresh was the installation of a brand-new projector that is brighter and more energy efficient. The new projection screen has also been installed. The raises and lowers itself automatically when an input source is selected, streamlining the process of getting set up for lecture for faculty who teach in York 2622.

The lectern has been updated with the same touchscreen controls found in other refreshed lecture halls and classrooms. The touchscreen controls allows faculty to switch between media input sources, adjust audio levels, and change light settings inside the lecture hall all from the front of the room. The lectern also contains convenient connections for laptops and other devices. A document camera is now found in a drawer on the side of the lectern that allows it to be easily rolled out and used during lecture. The document camera replaces the overhead projector and is more versatile in that it can display anything put underneath the camera, not just overhead transparencies. Additionally, faculty who use ACMS’s video podcasting service have anything they put under the document camera recorded for their video podcast.

The controls installed at the lectern in York 2622

The lectern in York 2622 has a touchscreen panel already installed. Connections for a laptop are also provided, as well as an iClicker hub.

In addition to receiving upgraded technology, York 2622 also received a full cleaning and a fresh coat of paint to make it spick-and-span.

The Lecture Hall Refresh Project is a joint venture between Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS), Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT), and Facilities Management designed to enhance learning on the UC San Diego campus by giving faculty access to the latest technology inside learning spaces. Want to learn more about the project? Watch this video about UC San Diego Lecture Hall Refresh program:


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