ACMS Aces: Efren Blanco

Efren BlancoAcademic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) offers audiovisual support for events small and large across campus. In addition to providing equipment rental for events, ACMS can also provide technicians available to operate equipment and troubleshoot problems at the event so organizers do not have to worry about technical problems. Senior Producer/Director Efren Blanco is one of ACMS’s talented event support specialists who coordinates ACMS support of special events at UC San Diego.

Efren is incredibly familiar with all of the equipment that ACMS can provide for events. This allows him to not only provide excellent audiovisual event support, but also to make recommendations to organizers who may be unsure of their needs. On the day of the event Efren is available to deliver, set up, operate, take down, and return equipment. When he is not working on or staging an event, Efren is often testing new equipment so he can use it to its fullest potential at events. Currently, Efren is working with high definition cameras to make sure that he can provide the best quality audio and video without compression.

Over the years Efren has supported a wide variety of events from the groundbreaking of buildings to speeches by distinguished visitors to UC San Diego to celebrations held on campus over his 18 year career working at ACMS. One of the things that Efren loves about his job is the excitement of providing audiovisual support at so many events. “[When] I get up in the morning and I know there’s going to be an event, the adrenaline starts building,” Efren described, “You see the excitement when people are starting to gather in the theatre.”

Efren approaches each event with the same goal: making sure that he provides a smooth audiovisual experience. He knows that every event is important and that there can sometimes be a level of stress for the organizers when it comes to the technical aspects. Efren enjoys using his vast knowledge and experience to alleviate these concerns for event organizers. Nothing brings Efren greater pleasure than completing an event without a hitch and seeing how satisfied customers are with ACMS’s services.

Before Efren started his career at UC San Diego, he was a musician in a band for 13 years and played tenor sax. One of the things Efren appreciates about his time as a musician is how it helped prepare him for his position with ACMS by teaching him how to operate sound reinforcement equipment.

The next time you have an event that needs to go just right, give Media Event Support at ACMS a call and Efren and the whole Media Services team will make sure that all the audiovisual aspects of your event will be handled without a hitch. In the meantime, rock on Efren!

ACMS Aces is a series of articles that highlights the dedicated employees of Academic Computing & Media Services at UC San Diego. Keep checking back to find out more about the people behind the magic at ACMS!


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