York 2722 Refreshed and Improved

The refreshed York 2722For our final summer room renovation the Lecture Hall Refresh Project saved the biggest and best for last! York 2722, with its 363 seat capacity, is the fourth and final lecture hall of the summer to be refreshed. It joins its neighbor York 2622 and both Solis 104 and 107, all of which received an upgrade during the summer.

As with all refreshed lecture halls, a centerpiece of the York 2722 refresh was the addition of a touchscreen media control panel to the lectern. Prior to the refresh, controls for a variety of media systems were dispersed throughout the room. The touchscreen panel now brings all the controls for the lecture hall to one place. This results in less disruptions for instructors during lecture. The touchscreen controls projector inputs (including the built-in combination DVD/VCR player in the lectern and laptop connections found next to the touchscreen), room lights, and sound levels. The lectern also features a document camera that replaces the old overhead transparency projector. Instructors no longer have to prepare specialized transparencies ahead of class. Instead, writing with pen and paper is easily visible so the entire class can view it. In fact, the larger projection size is often easier for all students to see than writing on the chalkboard. Work done under the document camera is also captured by Academic Computing & Media Service’s (ACMS) screencasting service, which creates a video recording of all projected material that students can review later when they need help with particularly difficult subjects.

In addition to upgrading the media equipment and controls, a new projector was also installed in York 2722. This projector is not only more energy efficient but is also brighter. A new projection screen (which is automatically lowered when an input is selected and raised when the audiovisual system is turned off) has also been added to the room. This makes it easier for students to see slides and other projected materials. Specialized preset lighting configurations are also available to instructors. The available lighting settings have been configured for a variety of situations, including student note-taking while material is being projected.

To finish things off, York 2722 received a full cleaning to bring it up to tip-top shape.

We hope students and faculty will enjoy the improvements to York 2722 in the 2013-2014 academic year and beyond. Keep your eye on the ACMS Blog to find out about other lecture hall and classroom refreshes as they occur!

The Lecture Hall Refresh Project is a joint venture between ACMS, Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT), and Facilities Management designed to enhance learning on the UC San Diego campus by giving faculty access to the latest technology inside learning spaces. Want to learn more about the project? Watch this video about UC San Diego Lecture Hall Refresh program:


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