News from the Media Teaching Lab

The Media Teaching Lab's Equipment Checkout FacilityThe Media Teaching Lab at UC San Diego supports undergraduate students who are enrolled in official media production classes and graduate students who use media in their research. The Fall 2013 quarter was especially busy for the dedicated team at the Media Teaching Lab.

Close to 180 students enrolled in Visual Arts 70N, which put almost all of the circulating equipment from the Media Teaching Lab’s Equipment Checkout Facility in use every day. Canon T3i DSLR cameras were made available for student checkout for the first time. More than 70 students attended the workshops required to use the cameras.

Visual Arts 70N students were also the first to take part in Adobe Premiere video editing software workshops offered by the Media Teaching Lab. Adobe Premiere is now available in the Media Teaching Lab’s editing suites along with Final Cut 7 and Avid Media Composer 7. The suites have also been upgraded to include Blackmagic HD SDI video converters connected to high-end color-calibrated Panasonic BT-LH1850 production monitors to give students the best possible views of their videos in true colors and high resolution.

For the first time in several years, the Department of Communication offered a sound production course, led by sound artist Laura Vitale. The course focused on documentary sound production, interviews, multi-channel sound design, and audio for video. The Media Teaching Lab supported the course, giving staff the opportunity to teach and deploy their wide variety of microphones and Marantz audio recorders. Students also learned how to use Adobe Audition, the audio-focused program in the Adobe Production Suite.

The Media Teaching Lab also continued its 25-year history of support for the Department of Sociology’s Ethnographic Film and Media Methods course. The course, taught by Professor Bennetta Jules-Rosette, challenged pairs of students with no exposure to filmmaking or editing to make 20-minute documentary films. The Media Teaching Lab team educated, supported, and trained the students in in camera use and technique, audio interview techniques, and video editing software. The students’ films were juried by a panel of judges made up of academics, filmmakers, and producers. Media Teaching Lab Manager Adriene Hughes has been a panel judge for the last nine years.

Keep up with Media Teaching Lab news and find film production facts and information on the Media Teaching Lab’s Tumblr.


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