New Classrooms in Mandeville!

Collage of photos from the new Mandeville basement classrooms

From top left, clockwise: Mandeville B150, Mandeville B153, Mandeville B146, and Mandeville B152.

During Fall Quarter 2013, the Classroom Refresh Project turned its attention to adding brand new classrooms in Mandeville Hall. B104, B146, B150, B152, and B153 are already home to classes for Winter Quarter.

Document camera and podcasting microphone

On the right, the document camera mounted in the ceiling of Mandeville B146. To the left is the podcasting microphone hanging from the ceiling.

The Mandeville basement classrooms are the first to have microphones mounted in the ceiling by the document camera. These microphones record audio for podcasting and turn on automatically at the start of class if the instructor has signed up for podcasting. This makes it easier for instructors as they do not have to remember to wear a wireless microphone during the class.

A document camera has also been installed in the rooms, taking the place of old overhead projectors that required specially prepared transparencies. The new document camera projects anything that is placed below it. This allows professors to project a wide variety of item—like handwritten notes, pictures, or objects—so the entire class can see. Some instructors use the document camera to ensure the entire class can see notes as they write so their body never blocks their notes. The document camera is located in the ceiling. In B150, B152, and B153 the document camera can be seen with the naked eye. In B104 and B146, the document camera is mounted in the ceiling tiles. Look for the circular lens near the front of the room to find it.

Projector in B150

The new projector in Mandeville B150

All of the rooms are equipped with an energy efficient projector that delivers clear and bright images of all media. The rooms feature several lighting presets from which instructors can choose. This includes presentation mode, which dims the lights in the front of the room to make it easy to see projected images but keeps lights on further back in the classroom so that students can take notes.

To make life easy for instructors, all media inputs are controlled through wall-mounted touchscreen panels. This central control system allows users to switch between inputs (like the document camera, a laptop, or the DVD player) with the touch of a button. Audio volume can be raised, lowered, or muted from any screen on the right side of the panel. Light presets can be changed from the touchscreen as well as from the controls in the back of the room.

Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) is proud to be a part of bringing new permanent classrooms to UC San Diego and hopes that instructors and students alike enjoy using these space.

The new Mandeville basement classrooms were brought to campus by the Classroom Refresh Project, a joint venture between ACMS, Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT), and Facilities Management designed to enhance learning on the UC San Diego campus by giving faculty access to the latest technology inside learning spaces. Want to learn more about the project? Watch this video about UC San Diego Lecture Hall Refresh program:


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