The New HSS 2152

HSS 2152The Classroom Refresh Project is a five year project that improves general assignment classrooms across UC San Diego. The latest classroom to benefit from the project is Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) 2152.

Every refreshed classroom has a new touch screen control panel. The natural interface makes it easy to manage the classroom’s audiovisual equipment. Users can switch between projector inputs, control the room lights, and adjust speaker audio levels using the touch panel.

HSS 2152 has a new, brighter projector that makes it easier to see images and slides. The projector is also more energy efficient than the previous model, reducing UC San Diego’s energy footprint.

The room’s overhead transparency projector was replaced by a document camera mounted in the ceiling. This technology is more versatile, allowing faculty to project any object, not just transparencies, so the entire room can see.

Reprogrammed room lights now give faculty several options for illuminating the classroom. Instead of just turning all the lights on or off, the new configurations let faculty choose the right amount of light for each situation.

Facilities Management gave HSS 2152 a full cleaning at the conclusion of the installations to ensure students and faculty have a fresh learning environment from the very first day of classes.

Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) is proud to raise the quality of classrooms and lecture halls throughout campus through the Classroom Refresh Project in conjunction with Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT) and Facilities Management.

More information about the Classroom Refresh Project:


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