Meet Ted

Ted homepageHave you met Ted? Ted is UC San Diego’s learning management system that offers instructors options to supplement their instruction outside of the classroom. In Winter Quarter 2014, 860 courses used Ted. In fact, Ted is so popular that students often request that faculty use it in their courses.

Ted is tailored to meet the needs of instructors. Faculty new to Ted can start with basic features like:

  • Announcement and email functions to update students regarding the course or assignments
  • Central location to post documents like the course syllabus, reading material, and lecture slides
  • Assignment submission system that allows instructors to confirm when students turned in assignments

Instructors can expand Ted to include features such as:

  • A grade center where students can see how they are progressing in the course
  • Online discussion forums, blogs, and journals that allow students to engage each other outside the classroom
  • iClicker integration with Ted
  • Adding YouTube videos
  • TurnItIn plagiarism detection software for writing assignments and research papers

Instructors who want a Ted site for their course can request one by completing a Cinfo request. Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) holds group and one-on-one training sessions for faculty, TAs, and staff who use Ted. To request training, complete this form and one of ACMS’s Ted experts in Instructional Technology Support will contact you to schedule a session.


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