ACMS Aces: Jonny Kent

Jonny KentThe Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) Computing Infrastructure team provides a host of services that keep ACMS’s core services running smoothly for faculty, students, and staff. The team recently added Systems Administrator Jonny Kent  to its ranks.

“I’m really a behind-the-scenes person,” Jonny said when describing his work with Computing Infrastructure. “I administer computers to support the labs and of course the staff as well.” Jonny’s work supports approximately 2,600 computers in labs across UC San Diego. Much of Jonny’s work is done remotely, but he sometimes installs software in labs at the request of faculty who want to deploy specific software to support their courses. “ACMS does a really great job managing the number of computers and the number of labs that [we] do,” Jonny said. “For the number of computers that [we’re] running, I think it’s great.”

To illustrate how he supports the systems that underpin ACMS’s services, Jonny spoke about one of his projects. “At the moment I’m writing some scripts to install a backup client that works on Windows to go to our existing UNIX backup system, which doesn’t support Windows.”

Jonny has a long and varied history working in information technology. He began his career in telecommunications in his native New Zealand and has been a production engineer and software engineer with several technology firms in the United States. This varied experience helps Jonny bring different perspectives to projects and tasks in his current role as a Systems Administrator.

ACMS is not Jonny’s first experience working in higher education. Earlier in his career he worked at Bond University in Queensland, Australia, where he wrote software to manage laboratory experiments that synthesized peptides.

Prior to joining ACMS, Jonny was at UC San Diego Associated Students, providing a variety of IT services.

In his free time, Jonny roasts his own coffee beans and is an active member of the San Diego Home Roasters. He combines his professional skills with this passion, using software to interact with the electronic controls of his roasting system. Jonny also enjoys traveling. His last trip was a tour of the UK that took him to London, Brighton, and Cornwall.

Welcome to ACMS Jonny!

ACMS Aces is a series of articles that highlights the dedicated employees of Academic Computing & Media Services at UC San Diego. Keep checking back to find out more about the people behind the magic at ACMS!


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