HSS 2305A: The Final Refreshed Room of Spring 2014

HSS 2305AThe Classroom Refresh Project wrapped up for Spring Quarter 2014 with Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) 2305A, which is ready to go for summer session classes.

From the first moment you step into HSS 2305A, the benefit of the refresh is apparent through the new lighting options. Rather than a simple on-off switch, HSS 2305A now features a number of choices that give the right amount of lighting for the circumstances. Ever been frustrated that darkening the room to see projected material meant that all the lights had to be turned off making the rest of the room too dark? Lights at the front of the room near the projection screen can now be turned off independently from the rest of the room. Intermediate light levels also allow occupants to supplement the room’s natural lighting and reduce energy consumption.

Another energy efficient feature of HSS 2305A is the new projector installed in the room. Not only does the projector use less energy than the previous model, but it is also brighter. This makes it easier for students to see slides, images, websites, and other projected media on the new projection screen.

One of the things that can be projected is images or objects through the document camera installed in the ceiling of HSS 2305A. Faculty no longer need to purchase transparencies and special pens to project notes for the entire class. Instead, they can write by hand with pen and paper underneath the document camera and the whole room can see.

A VHS/DVD/Blu-ray player was also installed as part of the classroom refresh.

The lights, media inputs, and media volume are controlled by a touch screen control panel installed in the front of the room. This single point of control makes it easy for faculty to control all of the audiovisual elements in the room during class with minimal interruption of instruction.

After the room was refreshed, Facilities Management gave the room a full cleaning to make sure that it shines and sparkles for its occupants.

During the summer, Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS Blog) will refresh five lecture halls to be ready for the start of the 2014-2015 academic year, including HSS 1330. Keep checking in with the ACMS Blog over the summer to see the lecture halls as they get refreshed.

ACMS is proud to raise the quality of classrooms and lecture halls throughout campus through the Classroom Refresh Project in conjunction with Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT) and Facilities Management.

More information about the Classroom and Lecture Hall Refresh Project:


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