Peterson 104 Starts Summer Refreshes

Peterson 104The Classroom Technology Support unit in Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) stays particularly busy during the summer as the Classroom Refresh Project continues. Peterson 104 is the first classroom to be refreshed this summer.

The 75 seat classroom has two modern projectors, which display a brighter and clearer picture. The projectors use less energy than their predecessors and are part of UC San Diego’s efforts to achieve a sustainable campus. New projection screens were also installed during the refresh. One projector is used to display media from the DVD/VCR player or laptop and the other is used in overflow situations in conjunction with Peterson 110.

Peterson 104 now includes a touchscreen control panel that makes it easy for faculty to control audiovisual inputs, lights, and media volume all at once. Among the new features are several different preset lighting levels that allow faculty to choose just the right amount of light. This includes presentation mode, which turns off lights in the front of the room while keeping lights on above the seats so students can take notes. Wired connections for HDMI and VGA are available on the wall to make it easy for faculty to connect their laptops to the projector.

The classroom also features a document camera installed in the ceiling. This handy camera replaces the overhead transparency projector. Faculty can still write by hand underneath the document camera, but without having to use costly transparencies and special pens. Other items, like photos, can be placed beneath the document camera, allowing everyone in the lecture hall to see them in detail through the projector. Everything projected by the document camera is also captured by ACMS’s screencasting service that can be set up by faculty in advance of class.

After all of the new equipment was installed, Peterson 104 received a full cleaning to ensure the hall is ready for faculty and students to use.

ACMS is proud to raise the quality of classrooms and lecture halls throughout campus through the Classroom Refresh Project in conjunction with Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT) and Facilities Management.

More information about the Classroom and Lecture Hall Refresh Project:


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