The Classroom Document Camera

Document camera in a lecture hall

This drawer is where you can find the document camera in a lecture hall.

All refreshed classrooms and lecture halls have a document camera, which projects anything put beneath it so that everyone in the room can see. If you have never taken advantage of this handy tool, here is a quick guide to getting started.

Where is it?

If you are in a lecture hall (any room with a free standing lectern), the document camera is in a drawer on the side of the lectern. There is a handle to help you find the drawer. Once you have pulled out the drawer, raise the arm with the camera to get it set up.

Document camera in a classroom

The classroom document camera is mounted in the ceiling near the front of the room.

If you are in a classroom, the document camera is mounted in the ceiling. It will be located near the front of the room, which is usually indicated by the location of

chalkboards and the touch screen control panel. Position a table beneath the document camera for easiest use.

How do I turn it on?

Turn on a dark touch screen by pressing it once. The UC San Diego logo will appear. Press the touch screen again to reach the menu. Press the button labeled “Doc Cam” in the lower right corner. This will begin projecting the document camera.

What should I put beneath the document camera?

Anything that you want. You can create hand written notes in real time, show photos, or demonstrate with objects. However, if you would not want your computer exposed to the item (like chemicals or liquids), please do not use it beneath the document camera.

Do I have any control of the document camera?

On the menu underneath the Doc Cam button and slightly to the left is the “Control Doc Cam” button. From this screen you can:

  • Zoom in and out
  • Auto focus if the image is unclear
  • Use iris control to change the light exposure

I signed up for screencasting for my course. Does that pick up feed from the document camera?

Yes. Screencasting does not continuously record, but picks up frames at intervals instead. You will not get a smooth video of anything you put or do beneath the document camera, but you will still get images captured.

Is there anything else I should know?

Additional help using the document camera is available through Classroom Technology Support.


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