New Learning Glass & Studios Debut

Learning Glass in use with overlay graphicsThe Educational Technology Integration team (ETI) recently premiered a new Learning Glass and studios to support their course video production services.

The centerpiece is the new, larger Learning Glass called Learning Glass XL. “It’s not only extra large, but it helps students ‘excel,’” Educational Technologist Craig Bentley said. Measuring five feet by eight feet (compared to the original Learning Glass’s three feet by five feet dimensions), Learning Glass XL’s additional area allows more complicated work to be demonstrated for students. Its size lets two people work on screen at once without crowding. Learning Glass XL also has a new lighting system that results in less reflection and makes presenters look better in their videos.

Learning Glass XL with complex calculations

The home of Learning Glass XL is a new production suite with two studios. ETI built this additional capacity to meet expected demand for course videos when the Teaching + Learning Commons opens in Fall Quarter 2016. The larger studio can support multi-camera video shoots, including interviews, which can be directed from a control room. A new, larger teleprompter supports text and PowerPoint slides. The smaller studio supports the original Learning Glass. Both studios can facilitate green screen shoots and have centrally controlled lighting that can easily switch between lighting schemes. They also feature ultra high definition (UHD) cameras that allow video editors to create zooms in postproduction, reducing the time that faculty spend in the studio. Each studio has acoustic treatments to achieve excellent sound. ETI has already found they have done fewer retakes due to audio issues than in the previous studio.

To find out how you can use Learning Glass XL or one of Educational Technology Services’ video studios, email

Equipment in the Learning Glass XL studio.

Equipment in the Learning Glass XL studio.


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