Get Digital Signage For Your Spaces

Digital signage at Scripps Institution of OceanographyDigital signage through Educational Technology Services is a dynamic way to communicate information to visitors and the campus community through flat screen, high definition monitors. Systems and displays are customized to fit your needs and feature any combination of:

  • Text
  • Graphics and photos
  • RSS feeds (including UC San Diego News)
  • Videos
  • Schedules (through a Deans Evans database)

Digital signage installationDigital signage can be easily updated with new content via templates or by uploading common media files such as JPG images and MP4 videos.

Educational Technology Services manages the easy-to-use server and recharges departments for the cost of the displays, software, licensing, and maintenance. Digital signage experts will guide you through the process of determining the best system for your needs and provide training on how to use the digital signage system.

For more information about digital signage through Educational Technology Services, contact Digital Signage Coordinator Alvin Angeles at (858) 246-0097 or


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