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i>clicker Issues and Updates

This page will address i>clicker issues you might come across, with additions and updates made as needed. Report any issues not listed below to clickers@ucsd.edu and check back frequently for updates.

iClicker REEF Available on Campus (updated 10/5/17)

The bookstore has switched to selling physical iClickers that come with a 5-year subscription to REEF. REEF is a mobile app from iClicker that allows students to respond to iClicker polls using their phone, tablet or laptop instead of a physical clicker.

To allow students to use REEF, an instructor needs to enable REEF in the iClicker software. (You will only see the REEF Polling tab in your settings if you have downloaded iClicker 7.10 or higher from our clickers.ucsd.edu website) If you decide to try REEF and would like assistance setting it up, contact us at clickers@ucsd.edu.

We ran a REEF pilot in Winter 2017 to test out how well it worked compared to a physical iClicker. Our results showed that overall it worked well and was reliable in class, as long as nothing went wrong with the wi-fi in the room.

Because of the positive pilot results, it was decided that we would leave REEF enabled on campus and give instructors the option to use it if they choose. All of the students purchasing iClickers at the bookstore are getting a physical remote along with the REEF license, so there is no obligation to switch to using REEF at this time if you do not wish to.

ITS currently supports the mobile REEF app through the standard iClicker software (now called iClicker Classic by the manufacturer) that is still downloadable from our clickers.ucsd.edu website. iClicker considers this a hybrid solution since we are using the software designed for the physical clickers but we have enabled the use of the mobile app by students. To use REEF in this way you just need to download iClicker 7.10 or higher from our site and ‘Enable” REEF in the REEF Polling or Mobile tab.

We currently do not support the online iClicker Cloud app since it has not been tested with the campus and may still have issues syncing scores and downloading class rosters.

If you have any questions, please contact Treb Padula.

i>clicker Version 7

New Version 7.8.0 Available (9/16/16)

We have a new software version available for Fall quarter.  The upgrade is not mandatory – if you’ve used i>clickers in a recent quarter and you’re happy with the way your existing software is working, you can keep using it.

However, we encourage everyone to keep their software current, and you’ll especially want to upgrade if you haven’t used clickers in recent quarters.  Even users of the last previous version (7.4.5) will see these improvements:

  • Frequency alert checkbox is unchecked by default.
  • Results chart now automatically shows up on the same screen as the toolbar
  • Issue with responses for a previous session disappearing when a session is resumed is fixed

(Version 7 for both Mac and Windows platforms still does not have self-paced polling or demographics, so if you need those features you should continue with v.6.4.2.)

* Mac Users: If you’ve been using an earlier version than 7.4.5 and disabled App Nap systemwide because of the delay issue, see the instructions below for re-enabling App Nap for your computer as a whole.

You can download new software version 7.8.0 for both Mac and Windows here.

Re-enabling App Nap systemwide on a Mac (for those who previously disabled App Nap systemwide):

App Nap is a Mac feature that conserves battery power, but caused delays for some Mac i>clicker users.

If you’re not sure whether you previously disabled App Nap or not, it won’t hurt to do this procedure even if App Nap was never disabled in the first place. (But if you’re not familiar with command line programs, feel free to contact Treb Padula for assistance.)

To re-enable App Nap system-wide on your Mac, open the Terminal application (located in /Applications/Utilities), and copy and paste in this string:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAppSleepDisabled -bool NO

Then press the Enter key. After pressing enter, you need to restart your MacBook for the change to take place.

If you have any questions, please contact Treb Padula.

Sync Roster Message (2/9/16)

If you use TritonEd (formerly Ted) and receive the i>clicker message below after syncing your roster, click Ignore All.  If you don’t use TritonEd and receive the message, if you see good matches you can Accept those, otherwise click Ignore for each name.

(Sync message)

TritonEd Warning About Students with Duplicate Clickers (Updated 3/7/16)

When your i>clicker software is linked to your course roster in TritonEd (formerly Ted), you may get a warning that duplicate clickers registered to one student are being used in the class. When the software comes across a case like this the upload stops, so you’ll want to get this squared away asap. It is most likely a case of the student owning two clickers and lending or selling one to someone else in the class. It’s fine for them to loan/sell one to a classmate, but the original owner needs to log into TritonEd and remove the clicker they are not using from their account. (If you tried to upload clicker scores to TritonEd and received an error message and/or only some of the scores uploaded, delete the affected column(s) in the TritonEd Full Grade Center.)  Once the student has removed any extra clickers from TritonEd, click on their name in the i>clicker gradebook and remove any clicker ID #’s other than the one they’re using.  (If you’re unsure which clicker ID to keep, under i>clicker Instructor Tools in Course Tools in TritonEd, run an Instructor Report to see which clicker they still have registered in their name.)   Re-sync your roster, and you should then be able to upload those scores successfully. If you have any questions, please contact Treb Padula.Multi Clicker message

Checking Student Registrations at iclicker.com (2/9/16)

If you don’t use TritonEd (formerly Ted), your students need to register their clicker at iclicker.com.  If they’re not sure their clicker is properly registered, they can use this website to confirm.  (The primary purpose of the site is to recover clicker ID #’s that have worn off of the sticker on the back of the clicker, but it also works to confirm registration.)  If they find out from the site that they need to register, and their clicker was previously registered by someone else at iclicker.com, they will incur a $9.99 used clicker registration fee.

Side Note:  If you use TritonEd for your class, students with used clickers will not need to pay the fee, and syncing your roster in i>clicker will be much simpler for you!

Compatibility with Windows 10 & Sierra (Updated 10/18/16)

After some preliminary testing, i>clicker software and the TritonEd (formerly Ted) integration file seem to work fine with the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS. If you upgrade and find any i>clicker issues, please contact Treb Padula.  We have had a couple instructors find that the i>clicker software runs in a tiny window on the new Surface Pro 4.  If you have the same issue, please contact Treb Padula.

i>clicker REEF Mobile App (and Others) (9/17/15)

i>clicker has introduced a new mobile app called REEF that works on smart devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones instead of requiring physical clickers. Several other vendors have similar apps. These apps have several technical and academic integrity issues that would need to be addressed before they can be used effectively. We will be evaluating these apps over the coming year, but do not support them at this time.

In the meantime, we have disabled the REEF app in the current campus versions of the i>clicker software. If you have any questions, please contact Treb Padula.

MacBook Issues

Session Toolbar and Cursor Issues (9/16/15)

Some instructors have had issues with the Session Toolbar or their cursor when showing slides and using i>clicker on a Mac. If you have these issues, chances are updating to the latest software version (7.8.0; link above) will solve these for you. If you update and still have issues, the tips below may help.

These issues tend to happen more frequently in modes like Presenter View in PowerPoint, where the laptop display shows more than just the slide that is shown on the projection screen. So the easiest way to prevent these issues may be to mirror the slides on both screens (which also has the bonus of giving you the Session Toolbar on both screens instead of only one). This unfortunately means that you don’t see the slide that is coming next, or any notes you’ve added to your presentation. (Although you could print out your slides and notes beforehand.)

Another good way to prevent these issues is to do things in this order:

Beginning of Class:

  1. Connect your laptop to the projector.
  2. Open the i>clicker program and start a new i>clicker session.
  3. Open your slide program and start the slideshow.

End of Class:

  1. Escape out of slideshow mode.
  2. End the i>clicker session (and then close the i>clicker program if desired).
  3. Disconnect your laptop from the projector.

Below are the most common toolbar and cursor issues. The i>clicker manufacturer is working on fixes, but in the meantime, if you have one of these issues, try the corresponding workaround:

The i>clicker Session Toolbar disappears behind your slides when the slideshow is started: Try escaping the slideshow, ending the i>clicker session, closing and reopening i>clicker, and starting a new session.

The Session Toolbar disappears when you click on it: Before trying to move the Toolbar onto the projection screen, try starting and stopping a quick test poll, then click on the Toolbar and drag it onto the projection screen.

The toolbar gets corrupted in a variety of ways, e.g., going blank, or doubling up with two timers that don’t change even when a poll is open: Try closing and reopening i>clicker.

Cursor appears to go behind the Toolbar instead of over it: Try clicking on your laptop display with your touchpad or mouse, then clicking on the Session Toolbar.

If you use Keynote with i>clicker, see the suggested preference settings at the bottom of this page.

Used i>clicker Transfer Fee (Updated 4/8/16)

Since December 31, 2014, i>clicker has been charging students who register used clickers at iclicker.com a $6.99 registration fee.  In March 2016, they increased the fee to $9.99.

Who will be affected?

For now, this only affects students who register newly acquired used clickers through the iclicker.com website. The only students who register at that website are those whose instructors do not use TritonEd (formerly Ted), our campus learning management system. Registration through TritonEd is currently not scheduled to be assessed the $9.99 registration fee. Note that students can only register a clicker through TritonEd if a course site on  TritonEd is used for the class.  Also note that students only need to register clickers once in TritonEd (and once at iclicker.com for classes not hosted in TritonEd), so those who registered their current clicker before 12/31/14 will not need to pay the fee unless they switch to a different used clicker.

Can students share clickers?

Students will still be able to share clickers as long as they do not have clicker classes at the same time and those who do not buy the clicker new pay the registration fee.

Any help you can provide in spreading the word to your students will be appreciated – it may affect their decision of whether to purchase a new or used clicker.

Student Cost Example

Even with this new fee, we still believe clickers are a valuable and useful tool to enhance teaching and learning at UC San Diego. Here’s an example of how minimal the economic impact of clickers on students can be:

  • Freshman buys used i>clicker for $25 on ebay.
  • Pays $9.99 used registration fee (only if instructor does not use TritonEd).
  • Uses clicker in many classes for 4 years at UCSD.
  • At graduation, sells the clicker to the bookstore for $27.50.

Total cost for 4 years of use: $7.49.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact Treb Padula.

i>clicker Version 6

TritonEd Interface Alert! (12/22/14)

If you have already started using i>clicker version 6.3 or earlier in conjunction with TritonEd (formerly Ted) in a class this quarter, your class voting results are not compatible with version 7. Instead of updating to v.7, in order to upload your clicker scores to TritonEd you need to update to v6.4.2 The software and installation instructions are here.

If you have any i>clicker questions, please contact Treb Padula. If your questions are TritonEd-related, please contact edtech@ucsd.edu.


Spring Into Instructional Tech

ShowcaseImage2Academic Computing & Media Services’ Spring 2015 Instructional Technology Showcase features what’s new and available in instructional technology tools and resources at UC San Diego. Learn about i>clicker, podcasting, Ted (the campus learning management system), the Learning Glass, classroom technology, and more! Also, stay for lunch and hear from guest speaker Dr. Gabriele Wienhausen, Faculty Director of Teaching & Learning Commons.

The Showcase is open to faculty, department staff, and teaching assistants. Come meet the instructional tech team and get information on how to get your course started. Registration is required. Contact Instructional Technology Support for more information.

See the full schedule and register today!

When: Thursday, March 26, 2015 | 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Where: Mandeville B150
Add to Calendar:  gc_button1_en

Questions? its@ucsd.edu | 858.822.3315

Fall 2014 iPad Help Desk Survey Winner

Survey Winner

Undergraduate Vivian Nguyen receiving her iPad Air from Chuck Rose, ACMS Help Desk Manager


Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) congratulates UC San Diego undergraduate Vivian Nguyen on winning the Fall 2014 Help Desk survey drawing for an iPad Air. Vivian was randomly selected as the winner from 1,103 responses.

Individuals who receive assistance from the ACMS Help Desk receive a survey after their issue has been resolved. The survey allows customers to submit feedback about their experience and helps the Help Desk ensure it maintains the highest level of customer satisfaction and addresses problems in a timely fashion.

All UC San Diego students, faculty, and staff who receive a survey invitation are eligible to win the iPad.

If you need help with your ResNet connection, UCSD-PROTECTED, software troubleshooting, or other general computing issues, contact the Help Desk today!

Ted Tip: Groups


Are you teaching a large class this quarter or looking for a space for your students to collaborate outside of class? Setting up groups in Ted makes it easy for students to communicate with one another, and for TAs to view their subsection of the class. The groups feature lets instructors enroll students into groups or have students enroll themselves. When setting up a group, instructors can select which collaboration tools (like discussion boards and blogs) they want to allow the group to use. Creating groups also allows TAs to manage grades for their section and communicate to their specific group of students.

Instructions on how to create groups in your Ted site are available in the Ted help documents under “Create Groups.”

Contact Instructional Technology Support with any questions regarding setting up groups in your Ted site!

Winter Instructional Technology Training

Presentation at the Faculty Technology ShowcaseGet ready for the Winter term by signing up for instructional technology training. Academic Computing & Media Services’ Instructional Tech team provides training for Ted, UC San Diego’s learning management system, and i>clicker, a student response system.

Classes are available for several features of Ted:

  • Ted Overview – how to navigate Ted and set up a new course (designed for beginners)
  • Ted Groups – how to create groups and use group tools
  • Ted Grade Center – how to customize the grade center and set up weighted columns
  • Blackboard Collaborate – how to use video conferencing for virtual office hours and remote meetings

i>clicker training is also available throughout the term:

  • i>clicker Overview – how to install the software and set up the equipment for your course
  • Ted / i>clicker Integration – how to sync i>clicker with Ted and upload scores (for Ted users only)

Visit the Ted training webpage to view the calendar and register for a training session. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today! Faculty can also request one-on-one training.

Meet Online for Review Sessions

Scrambling to find a room for review sessions? Using Blackboard Collaborate to meet online can save instructors from the hassle of reserving and scheduling a classroom. Blackboard Collaborate lets instructors and teaching assistants meet with their class remotely, using live video, chat, and an interactive whiteboard. From the convenience of their home, office, library, or anywhere with an Internet connection, instructors can review pivotal course materials live and engage students with polling and breakout rooms.

Create a Blackboard Collaborate room through Ted. Locate the Course Tools in Ted and select Blackboard Collaborate. Be sure to also verify your system requirements and download the launcher.

Watch this video to find out how to set up a Blackboard Collaborate Review Session and communicate with students though Ted!

Ted Tip: eGrades Export

Once instructors have selected the final grade column in Ted, exporting the final grade from the Grade Center can be done through the eGrades export tool. Ted will export a spreadsheet that is readily-formatted for import into into eGrades. The exported spreadsheet will include the five columns that eGrades requires:

First name
Last name
PID (student ID)
Section ID

NOTE: The final grade column in Ted needs to display a letter grade or P/NP to be uploaded to eGrades.

  1. Locate the Control Panel under Course Management, in the left-side toolbar.
  2. Click Course Tools to expand the list.
  3. Select eGrades Export.
  4. Select a Grade Center Column as the final grade to export by clicking the drop down menu and selecting the appropriate column.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Review the data being exported and click Submit.
  7. A pop-up window will appear. Click OK to save the file.
    NOTE: The file must be saved in .csv format for eGrades.
  8. Open the file to verify all data is exported correctly.


Ted Tip: Copy Course

Copying materials, assignments, and quizzes from course to course can save time and make building a new Ted site much simpler. Instructors can also duplicate an entire course from term to term, using the Course Copy tool.

  1. Log in to Ted.
  2. Select the course with the original course content.
  3. In the Control Panel menu, click Packages and Utilities.
  4. Click Course Copy.
  5. In Step #1, select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.
  6. In Step #2, click Browse and select the destination course.
  7. Click on all of the boxes of content items you would like copied.
    Note: If you are copying assignments, you must also copy the grade center. You can also click Select All at the top.  (There may be some clean up involved when copying all content over.)
  8. Click Submit.

Instructors will receive a confirmation email and see the content copied to the new course.

Ted Tip: Calendar

CalendarThe calendar lets instructors notify students of course events, office hours, due dates, exams, and deadlines.  Assignments with a due date in Ted will automatically appear on the calendar. To add an event to the course calendar:

  1. Access the calendar from the Global Navigation Menu or from Course Tools in your Ted site.
  2. Click the plus sign at the top right of the calendar, or click on the date cell in the Calendar.
  3. Enter the event name.
  4. Select the calendar to add to (personal or course).
    Note: Only Instructors can add course calendar events. Personal calendar events will not appear on the course calendar.
  5. Select the start and end dates for the event.
  6. Optionally, enter an event description.
  7. Click Save.

Calendar events are color coded by course. Events for all courses will be displayed in the calendar tool in the default view. Check the course name to show events for that course or uncheck to hide them.

Ted Tip: Date Management

The Date Management tool in Ted allows instructors to adjust all content and tool dates for a course from one location. This is useful when copying content from a previous Ted site as course assignments and tasks will carry over with the previous due dates.  The Date Management tool displays all course dates in one place and allows instructors to change them for the current term.

  1. Log in to Ted and select the course.
  2. Locate the Control Panel under Course Management, in the left-hand toolbar.
  3. Click Course Tools to expand options.
  4. Click Date Management.
  5. Select the desired Date Adjustment Option:
    1. Select Course Start Date to adjust dates based on the start of the course.
    2. Select Term Info to adjust to different term dates.
    3. Select Number of Days to adjust all dates by an indicated number of days.
    4. Select List All Dates for Review to display all dates and select new dates individually.
  6. Click Start.
  7. Review and adjust dates on the Date Management Review page as needed.