Fall 2015 Instructional Technology Showcase

Fall 2015 showcase logoJoin Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) for a showcase of instructional technology at UC San Diego. Learn what’s available for Fall Quarter 2015 including Turnitin, i>clicker, the learning management system, classroom technology, and more. Developments related to Integrated Digital Infrastructure and the Teaching & Learning Commons will also be shared.

Faculty, staff, and teaching assistants are invited to attend the showcase and meet the instructional tech team. Registration is required.

See the full schedule and register today!

When: Monday, September 21, 2015 | 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Where: Center Hall 222
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Questions? its@ucsd.edu | 858.822.3315

Fall 2015 Instructional Technology Training

Laptop with i>clicker and Ted

Faculty can enhance their teaching by signing up for instructional technology training. Academic Computing & Media Services’ Instructional Technology team is offering training sessions for Ted, UC San Diego’s learning management system, and the i>clicker student response system.

Faculty can also request one-on-one training sessions that take place after September 12.

Several classes on Ted will be held throughout the quarter:

  • Ted Overview – how to navigate Ted and set up a new course (designed for beginners)
  • Ted Advanced – how to add content, assessments, discussions, blog, and wikis to a course
  • Ted Grade Center – how to customize the grade center and set up weighted columns

i>clicker training is also available throughout the term:

  • i>clicker Overview – how to install the software and set up the equipment for your course
  • Ted / i>clicker Integration – how to sync i>clicker with Ted and upload scores (for Ted users only)

Visit the training webpage to see all session dates and register. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!

AV Design & Installation Services

A conference room with AV system from AV Design & InstallatiionAV Design & Installation is UC San Diego’s experts in audiovisual (AV) system installation and maintenance. We serve the UC San Diego campus, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and UC San Diego Health System. Our services include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Audiovisual system design
  • Lighting design
  • Infrastructure design
  • Bid document creation
  • Commissioning
  • Electrical coordination
  • Project and construction management
  • Installation
  • Quality assurance testing
ACMS electronics technician Henry Shore on the job

ACMS electronics technician Henry Shore at a job site.

With a track record of success in a wide range of settings, there is no project AV Design & Installation cannot handle. Past projects include:

  • Over 100 general assignment classrooms at UC San Diego
  • Telemedicine building
  • Structural Materials Engineering building
  • Biomedical Research Facility II

To find out how AV Design & Installation can bring the right AV system to your space, contact Project Manager Fred Marques at fmarques@ucsd.edu or by calling 858-534-4331 (extension 4-4331 from any campus phone).

Learning Glass Wins 2015 Sautter Award

Don Olliff and Craig Bentley with the Learning Glass

Don Olliff (left) and Craig Bentley (right) with the Learning Glass

Congratulations to Don Olliff and Craig Bentley of the Instructional Technology Integration (ITI) team on winning one of the Larry L. Sautter Silver Awards for Innovation in Information Technology. Established in 2000, the Sautter Award encourages and honors projects within the University of California system that demonstrate innovative deployment of information technology in support of the University’s mission. The ITI team was recognized for their work on the Learning Glass, a tool designed to create engaging videos that deliver instructional content online as part of a course.

The Learning Glass works like a traditional whiteboard or blackboard, but is made of glass. Instead of turning his or her back to the viewer (as would happen in the classroom) the instructor looks through the board at the camera. This creates an engaging, natural, relaxed, and friendly viewing experience for students. The tool was developed at San Diego State University (SDSU) by Dr. Matt Anderson and first built by Dr. James Frazee’s group at Instructional Technology Services at SDSU.

Professor Adam Burgasser using the Learning Glass to create a video

Professor Adam Burgasser behind the Learning Glass, creating a video filmed by Jordi Olimon

“The Learning Glass is one of the most important tools in online education that we’ve found and presents a number of different advantages,” Don Olliff said. “Faculty can easily draw on it to illustrate concepts, thoughts, or equations, using colors for emphasis and contrast. Students are more engaged because Learning Glass videos feel more personal, like a conversation rather than a lecture. Believe it or not, it’s actually easier for both faculty and us to create Learning Glass videos than other types of videos. It’s a much more relaxed process that also creates great educational content.”

Students have responded positively to the Learning Glass. In one survey of students, 94% of students said that videos using the Learning Glass were “very helpful” or “helpful” with 58% calling them “very helpful.” In the same survey, 62% of students cited Learning Glass videos as their preferred instructional video format.

Since building a Learning Glass for Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) in 2014, Don and Craig have assisted colleagues at other UC campuses in adopting the tool by sharing their experiences and providing information about how to create a Learning Glass. They are currently at work creating a new, larger Learning Glass.

For more information about the Learning Glass or support available to UC San Diego faculty creating flipped, online, or hybrid courses, contact ITI at iti@ucsd.edu or (858) 822-1456.

See the Learning Glass in action:

Adobe Creative Cloud & Windows 10 Licenses

Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Windows 10 logosCampus Software Distribution now offers licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud for faculty and staff. The details of the campus license agreement are available through the ACMS Campus Software Distribution website. Student and faculty individual educational licenses are available through the UC San Diego Bookstore.

Microsoft recently released Windows 10 and is available for purchase through SHI or campus volume licensing. Installation files are currently being prepared for campus volume licensing customers. Updates on the Windows 10 release are available from Microsoft through the Windows 10 blog.

To learn more about the software available through Campus Software Distribution, visit their website at software.ucsd.edu.

New AV Equipment in Pepper Canyon 109

pepper-canyon-109In Summer Sessions I and II, the Lecture Hall & Classroom Refresh Project focuses on Pepper Canyon. Last week, Pepper Canyon 109’s refresh was completed, bringing new audiovisual equipment to the 198 seat lecture hall.

A new brighter projector was added to Pepper Canyon 109. The brighter projection makes it easier for students to see the image. Even though the projector is brighter, it is actually more energy efficient than its predecessor, which contributes to the campus’ sustainability goals.

Controls for the projector, DVD/VCR, lights, and volume are now all accessed through the touch screen control panel in the lectern. Instructors can switch between media inputs and control the atmosphere of the room from one spot. HDMI and VGA connections are also available at the lectern for use with a laptop.

New lighting options were programmed into Pepper Canyon 109 during the refresh. These include several intermediate options that are ideal for projecting images by lowering lights in only in the front of the room.

A document camera can be found in a drawer on the right side of the lectern. Anything placed beneath this versatile tool is projected. Courses that sign up for screencasting through podcast.ucsd.edu will also have these images captured as part of the recording.

After the conclusion of the refresh, Pepper Canyon 109 was cleaned to get it ready for use by students.

An audiovisual system tutorial video is available for instructors who need assistance in a refreshed classroom. Receive immediate assistance by calling extension 4-ACMS (4-2267) from the phone located in every general assignment classroom or lecture hall.

Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) is proud to raise the quality of classrooms and lecture halls throughout campus through the Lecture Hall and Classroom Refresh Project in conjunction with Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT) and Facilities Management.

More information about the Classroom and Lecture Hall Refresh Project:

Get Computer Help from Desktop Support

Pete Gonzalez working on a computer

Desktop Support specialist Pete Gonzalez diagnosing and fixing a computer

Does your department need help with computers? Desktop Support from Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) is a UC San Diego recharge computer service for when you need on-site help with Apple or Windows systems.

Desktop Support assists faculty and staff with:

  • Windows & Apple workstation installation, setup, and upgrades
  • Business software installation and troubleshooting
  • Printer configuration and setup (local and networked)
  • Firewall, antivirus, and security setup
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Data backups for individual desktops or office-wide
  • Active Directory migration for department networks
  • Windows or Apple file server setup
  • Data migration from Windows and Apple (and vice versa)

Desktop Support provides service to UC San Diego-affiliated locations including the main campus, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and the Health System.

Request an appointment through a brief online form or by emailing desktop@ucsd.edu. You will be contacted within 24 hours during the work week.

A UC San Diego index number is required to request Desktop Support services.

Get more information about Desktop Support at desktop.ucsd.edu.

Academic Computing & Media Services provides a variety of services to students, faculty, and staff. Learn more about them at acms.ucsd.edu/services.

Pepper Canyon 121 Refreshed

pepper-canyon-121Pepper Canyon 121 is the latest room to be refreshed as part of the Lecture Hall & Classroom Refresh Project at UC San Diego.

The most notable new feature is the touch screen control panel in the front of the room. This panel allows faculty and TAs to control the projection inputs, lights, and speaker volume from a single source. A DVD/Blu-Ray player is conveniently located next to the touch panel.

Another improvement to the room is the reconfiguration of the lights. Pepper Canyon 121 now offers several lighting presets that provide the right amount of illumination for different situations. For example, presentation mode turns off lights by the projection screen but leaves lights on throughout the rest of the room. This makes projected material easier to see and gives students the light needed to take notes.

The projection is also brighter thanks to a new digital projector, mounted on the ceiling. The projector is also energy-efficient and helps UC San Diego achieve its sustainability goals. VGA and HDMI cables are provided to connect laptop computers to the projector.

The overhead transparency projector has been replaced by a new, more versatile document camera. This camera, installed in the ceiling, projects anything placed beneath it, not just specially prepared transparencies. These can be handwritten notes, photos, or objects. These projections can be captured by ACMS’s screencasting service, which allows students to review audio and media from class later. The audio for screencasting is captured through a microphone installed in the ceiling near the touch screen panel.

Facilities Management cleaned the room after the new equipment was installed, waxing floors and painting walls to ensure an inviting learning environment.

If you need any assistance using the installed media equipment, email Classroom Technology Support, or call 534-5784 (x4-5784) to receive immediate help.

Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) is proud to raise the quality of classrooms and lecture halls throughout campus through the Lecture Hall and Classroom Refresh Project in conjunction with Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT) and Facilities Management.

More information about the Classroom and Lecture Hall Refresh Project: