Spring Into Instructional Tech

ShowcaseImage2Academic Computing & Media Services’ Spring 2015 Instructional Technology Showcase features what’s new and available in instructional technology tools and resources at UC San Diego. Learn about i>clicker, podcasting, Ted (the campus learning management system), the Learning Glass, classroom technology, and more! Also, stay for lunch and hear from guest speaker Dr. Gabriele Wienhausen, Faculty Director of Teaching & Learning Commons.

The Showcase is open to faculty, department staff, and teaching assistants. Come meet the instructional tech team and get information on how to get your course started. Registration is required. Contact Instructional Technology Support for more information.

See the full schedule and register today!

When: Thursday, March 26, 2015 | 9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Where: Mandeville B150
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Questions? its@ucsd.edu | 858.822.3315

Ansys Software Leaving GoVirtual

On March 24, 2015, the Ansys Electromagnetics software suite will no longer be available in the GoVirtual online computing lab. This includes:

  • Ansys Maxwell
  • Ansys Simplorer Advanced
  • Ansys RMxprt
  • Ansys PExprt
  • Ansys Optimetrics
  • Ansys HFSS
  • Ansys Q3D Extractor
  • Designer
  • Nexxim

GoVirtual is a virtual computing lab that allows UC San Diego students to access popular software like MATLAB, ChemBioOffice, ArcGIS, Solidworks, and Adobe Photoshop. Students can register for access online. Faculty can also request their students automatically get access to GoVirtual based on course enrollment. Instructions for setting up GoVirtual are available for several operating systems, including iOS version 5 and higher.

Get a Job with the Help Desk

A Help Desk technician assisting a customerDo you like helping people? Enjoy troubleshooting computer problems? Looking for a campus job next year? If that’s you, apply to be an ACMS Help Desk/ResNet technician!

Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) is hiring new technicians for 2015-2016. We’re looking for UC San Diego students with great customer service skills. If you’re interested, fill out our online application today!

Worried that you might not know enough about computers and networks to apply? Some of our best technicians started with little technical knowledge, but great customer service skills, and learned their technical skills on the job. Our current technicians come from a variety of majors and backgrounds.

Want to know what it’s like to work for ResNet? Listen to some of our current technicians talk about their experience:

Many Help Desk/ResNet technicians get jobs almost immediately after graduation thanks to their training and experience—and not just with technology companies. Some of them are now working with well-known companies like Titleist and FICO. Others were accepted to great graduate schools, including law school and pharmacy school. Read about some of our former technicians and what they’re doing now.

So what are you waiting for? Apply today!

Student Scoop: Maria Andrade

maria-andradeAcademic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) employs more than 30 students as Help Desk/ResNet Technicians who help students, faculty, and staff troubleshoot a wide range of computing, networking, and account issues. Maria Andrade is in her first year as a Help Desk/ResNet Technician.

A Computer Engineering major from Sixth College, Maria applied to become a technician because she was looking for a campus job that allowed her to work in a very technical field. Not having a lot of experience diagnosing and fixing computer issues did not put her at a disadvantage when applying for the position. She received extensive training after being hired. “[The Help Desk has] tons and tons of tutorials and step-by-step instructions [for technician training] and everything’s at your disposal,” Maria said. “If there’s something I don’t know they’re able to teach it to me and better my skills.”

Maria’s favorite part of being a technician is working at the front desk in Applied Physics & Mathematics 1313, which takes students, faculty, and staff who walk in with computing issues. She frequently helps her fellow students with the campus Wifi network and computing accounts. “I like [the] front desk because you’re able to interact with the user and it’s less explaining or trying to navigate without being able to see what the user sees,” Maria explained. “Once you fix the problem it’s nice to see their face light up and the sense of relief and I definitely love that satisfaction.”

Being a Help Desk technician means that Maria has learned awesome tricks that she can share with other students. One of her favorites is the “lost and found” folder on computers in ACMS-managed computer labs. “A user’s computer crashed at Geisel and she lost her file. She hadn’t saved it recently so she was in panic mode,” Maria related. “We have a lost and found folder in all the computers so when a computer crashes you go into the lost and found folder [on that computer] and there’ll be a folder with your name and anything that was recovered during the crash…. She was able to recover the majority of her work and only a few paragraphs versus pages were missing.”

To other students considering becoming a Help Desk/ResNet technician, Maria encourages them to apply. “It’s definitely a challenging process, but once you make it through the training’s amazing and the work is amazing.It’s very rewarding. A few calls will be different so something exciting happens every day.” When you work at the Help Desk, “you gain a lot of knowledge, you meet awesome people, [and] the environment’s great.”

The next time you have a computing issue, visit the Help Desk where Maria and her fellow technicians will assist you. Keep up the great work Maria!

The Student Scoop features UC San Diego students and explores how technology provided by Academic Computing & Media Services intersects with their lives on campus. Keep checking back for more interviews to find out what students really think about technology at UC San Diego inside and outside of the classroom!

Spring 2015 Instructional Technology Training

Laptop with i>clicker and TedFaculty can enhance their teaching in Spring Quarter 2015 by signing up for instructional technology training. Academic Computing & Media Services’ Instructional Technology team is offering training sessions for Ted, UC San Diego’s learning management system, and the i>clicker student response system.

New this quarter is the Camtasia class, which shows faculty how to create, edit, and share engaging videos for use in their courses.

Several classes on Ted will be held throughout the quarter:

  • Ted Overview – how to navigate Ted and set up a new course (designed for beginners)
  • Ted Groups – how to create groups and use group tools
  • Ted Grade Center – how to customize the grade center and set up weighted columns
  • Blackboard Collaborate – how to use video conferencing for virtual office hours and remote meetings

i>clicker training is also available throughout the term:

  • i>clicker Overview – how to install the software and set up the equipment for your course
  • Ted / i>clicker Integration – how to sync i>clicker with Ted and upload scores (for Ted users only)

Visit the training webpage to see all session dates and register. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today! Faculty can also request one-on-one training.

Proper Cable Wrapping Technique

All UC San Diego classrooms and lecture halls are equipped with audiovisual cables to connect your devices to the projector. However, these cables can become permanently damaged if not wrapped properly. Help keep our classrooms and lecture halls in excellent condition by watching our short video to show you how to wrap these cables. Trust us—it’s really easy!

ACMS Aces: Rafal Tamulski

Rafal TamulskiThe Computing Infrastructure team supports the technology services that Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) provides to UC San Diego. Rafal Tamulski has recently joined Computing Infrastructure to contribute his software expertise to keep everything running smoothly.

Rafal helps manage the software deployed in ACMS computer labs throughout campus. He ensures that software is reloaded when needed and installed correctly so it is ready for use by students. He pushes software updates from ACMS servers to lab computers, which minimizes downtime. Rafal also responds to requests from faculty to load specific software in computer labs to support their courses.

Though he can perform many of his duties from the ACMS offices, Rafal sometimes has to work on problems in the labs themselves, working around scheduled courses. He takes great pleasure in troubleshooting issues and solving them, especially persistent issues.

Rafal is one of the many long-time UC San Diego career staff who work at ACMS. Prior to joining ACMS, he worked with an academic department and the School of Medicine. Rafal was excited to join ACMS due to the number of computers he gets to work with and the opportunity to use his skills in remote management of computers.

When he is not on campus, Rafal enjoys taking weekend trips to points far and near. One of his favorite trips is to Julian, especially in the winter to get a taste of snow. He also enjoys regular trips to the deserts around San Diego County.

Welcome to ACMS Rafal!

ACMS Aces is a series of articles that highlights the dedicated employees of Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) at UC San Diego. Keep checking back to find out more about the people behind the magic at ACMS!

One Second Reader Poll

Get Answers from the Help Desk

A Help Desk technician assisting a customerHaving computer troubles at UC San Diego and don’t know who to call? Try the Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) Help Desk. Their talented staff is available to help with a wide array of computing issues. Best of all, there are no extra charges for their services!

Think your computer is infected with malware? The Help Desk can diagnose and remove malicious programs from your computer, as well as help educate you on safe computing and steps you can take to prevent future infections. Their skilled technicians identify and end all suspicious processes, using both manual checks and multiple scans that prevent the malware from reinstalling itself after seemingly being removed.

The Help Desk also provides general services for many technical resources at UC San Diego. People with account issues can get help if resetting their password online does not solve their issues. Students who use ACMS’s poster printing services (also known as Cplot) can pick up their posters at the Help Desk as well.

Want to set up your smartphone or tablet to access the UCSD network? The Help Desk can help you register your devices for both the ResNet and UC San Diego wireless networks so you’re always connected. You can even get your UC San Diego email set up on your phone.

In addition to all of these services, the Help Desk also fields calls from classrooms and lecture halls to help instructors when they have issues with classroom technology equipment during class. The Help Desk makes sure that issues are resolved with as little disruption to class as possible.

Students who want to gain experience in computing by helping UC San Diego with computing issues can apply to work for ResNet. Our former staff have gone on to do some really awesome things.

To get in touch with the Help Desk, choose from these handy options:

ACMS Aces: Robert Magallanes

Robert MagallanesAcademic Computing & Media Services supports over 1,900 computers across 120 labs throughout UC San Diego. Senior Electronics Technician Robert Magallanes is part of the Hardware Technical Services team that repairs the hardware on these computers. Thanks to the variety of operating systems deployed across campus, Robert regularly works on Windows, Linux, and Apple workstations. As a certified Apple and Dell technician, he can perform repairs on in-warranty computers, servers, and printers on campus, minimizing downtimes and increasing access to computers in the labs.

Another large part of Robert’s job is installing network cable in computer labs. Whenever a computer lab is renovated, he installs cable from server cabinets throughout the lab to individual workstations. When labs have outdated cables, newer generation cables are installed to accommodate the computing demands of UC San Diego students. Making sure that these cables are organized neatly to present a clean and uncluttered space is a point of particular pride for Robert. “When…everything’s all neatly piled up and running smoothly to the outlets and everything works perfectly, that’s just the best.”

Robert has been at ACMS for 12 years. Over the course of his career he has worked on a large variety of projects that allow him to learn new things constantly. One of the best parts of his job is the fact that he gets to go all over campus when visiting computer labs and see what makes UC San Diego incredible. “Sometimes you walk into [a place like] the Engineering buildings and you’re like, ‘Wow, look at this. It’s amazing,’” Robert said. “If you take just a little time and look, you’d be amazed at what’s on campus.”

In his spare time, Robert is an avid sailor. Having been on the water all his life in one form or another, he became involved in the sport after joining a sailing club. Recently, Robert has participated in the Baja Ha-Ha Cruisers Rally, which runs from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, serving as a sail trimmer for his team. Robert described his duties saying, “You have to look at the sails when you’re sailing and see how [they] fill and what shape they’re in. That determines whether you let the sail out a little more [or] bring it in…to get the best wind out of it so you go as fast as possible.”

Given his love of the ocean, it may not be surprising to learn that Robert is also a proud Parrot Head. He has attended several Jimmy Buffett concerts, as one might guess from the Parrot Head mug in his office. “It’s just upbeat, fun-loving, and it’s all about having a good time. It’s sailing and enjoying life.”

For all his work keeping computer labs in top condition, we think that Robert deserves a cheeseburger in paradise. Thanks Robert!

ACMS Aces is a series of articles that highlights the dedicated employees of Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) at UC San Diego. Keep checking back to find out more about the people behind the magic at ACMS!