ACMS Aces: Jon Miller

Jon MillerIf you’ve had an audiovisual problem during class, chances are you’ve met Jon Miller, a veteran of Classroom Technology Support. Jon responds to trouble calls from classrooms and lecture halls. One of the most common issues he resolves is failure to get a picture from the projector. “It’s usually a loose connection or maybe the computer needs to be restarted,” he explained, though sometimes he discovers more serious problems like bad cables. Whatever the problem, Jon jumps into action when a report of a media problem in the classroom is reported. In fact, due to his consistently outstanding service he is often requested by name by faculty with whom he has worked in the past. It is not uncommon for Jon to receive an ovation after he has quickly and expertly solved a problem in a lecture hall.

Jon also uses his extensive audiovisual experience for Media Event Support, frequently delivering and setting up equipment for special events. An example of a typical job is setting up a microphone system for conferences and panels. He also records video of events when requested by customers. He currently records sessions of the Dart Neuroscience Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center webcast series. Since starting the series, Jon has improved the image quality of webcasts to give web viewers a better experience. This past May, he also supported TEDxUCSD, helping select the right equipment and working the conference.

In addition to responding to trouble calls and supporting special events, Jon keeps classrooms and lecture halls in tip-top shape. He is responsible for the labeling and signage in the classrooms that make it easy for faculty to operate the media equipment. He also replaces projector lamps throughout the general assignment classrooms and lecture halls.

Jon recently celebrated his 30th year as career staff at UC San Diego. He started working with what was then Audiovisual Services as a student, seeking the department out on his second day as a UC San Diego student. “I knew right off the bat that if I was going to get a job on campus, that’s where I was going,” Jon remembers. Since arriving on campus, he has seen tremendous growth. “It’s a much more vibrant place than it used to be, especially with two new colleges, many new schools, all the new programs that have been developed, [and] everything they’ve done to bolster the reputation of the school.” Even so, some things never change. One of Jon’s dorm housemates turned out to be a future ACMS coworker, Brian Parent.

The next time there’s an issue in a lecture hall or classroom, don’t hesitate to call Classroom Technology Support at (858) 534-5784 to get immediate assistance. You might even be lucky enough to have Jon help you in person!

ACMS Aces is a series of articles that highlights the dedicated employees of Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) at UC San Diego. Keep checking back to find out more about the people behind the magic at ACMS!


ACMS Aces: Chase Livingston

Chase LivingstonElectronics Technician Chase Livingston installs and supports audiovisual equipment across campus. Projectors, projection screens, touch panel control systems, and audio systems are primary examples of what he handles on a daily basis. Though classrooms and lecture halls represent the majority of his work, he has also worked in computer labs, which allows the labs to be used for courses as well as individual study. One of the Chase’s favorite pieces of technology are the touch panel controls that are added to all refreshed classrooms and lecture halls. “All the touch panel stuff is pretty cool. [They] beat the heck out of analog buttons,” Chase said. A feature that he particularly appreciates is that the touch panels are customized for UC San Diego’s instructional environment.

Chase also provides in-person support for faculty when they have a problem with audiovisual equipment in a lecture hall or classroom. Though he has only been with Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) for three months, Chase has already experienced what an impact this support can have. He has received “two full auditorium ovations,” for providing support during lectures. “It was pretty cool.”

Chase comes to ACMS from a local low voltage electrician company where he was a foreman, lead installer. “We were in the process of building charter schools and installing their data and AV infrastructure,” he says. He appreciates the UC San Diego environment, location, and getting to work in one location (something he didn’t get to do previously).

A guitar and bass player, Chase enjoys listening to live music throughout San Diego. He prefers the intimate atmosphere of smaller venues, his favorites being the Casbah, Winston’s, and House of Blues. Recently, he has been listening to La Sera, who he says has “really pretty melodies.” He even caught The Protomen in person. “Their first two albums were very theatrical, dystopian, based on a Megaman story and that was cool.”

If you ever have trouble with the audiovisual equipment in a classroom, just call Classroom Technology Support to get immediate assistance. You might even meet Chase yourself if your problem requires in-person troubleshooting!

ACMS provides audiovisual installation services not just for classrooms, lecture halls, and computer labs, but also for department meeting spaces. To learn about audiovisual solutions for your space, contact Fred Marques.

ACMS Aces is a series of articles that highlights the dedicated employees of Academic Computing & Media Services at UC San Diego. Keep checking back to find out more about the people behind the magic at ACMS!

Updated Classroom Details Page

Solis 104The Classroom Details page is a valuable tool for faculty and TAs at UC San Diego to learn what equipment is available in general assignment lecture halls and classrooms across campus. The page has recently been updated to reflect the progress of the Lecture Hall and Classroom Refresh Project and reorganized for easier use.

Most notably, new room attributes are listed for lecture halls and classrooms. Chalkboard & projector use can now be listed as “limited” for configurations where the projection screen covers some, but not all, of the chalkboard. Additionally, rooms are no longer limited to listing only one lectern type. Some rooms have both a free standing lectern and a tabletop lectern and previously displayed only one lectern configuration.

Links were added for resources that must be requested in advance, such as podcasting and screencasting, assisted listening devices, and wired microphones.

Classroom information was recently updated for all classrooms to reflect the progress of the Lecture Hall and Classroom Refresh Project. Updates will continue as more rooms are refreshed. More information about the project can be found in this video.

The Classroom Details page is a joint effort between Facilities Information Systems (FIS) and Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS). If you have suggestions on how the page can be improved, please email