The New Ledden Auditorium

Ledden AuditoriumSummer means that the Classroom Refresh Project becomes the Lecture Hall Refresh Project. With fewer students on campus the lecture halls can receive updated audiovisual equipment and upgrades. Ledden Auditorium is the first lecture hall to be refreshed this summer.

The free standing lectern in Ledden Auditorium has been updated to include a touchscreen control panel that makes it easy for faculty to control audiovisual inputs, lights, and media volume all at once. Notably, Ledden Auditorium now has preset lighting levels that let faculty choose the right amount of light for each situation. One preset is presentation mode, which turns off lights in the front of the room while keeping lights on above the seats so students can take notes. HDMI and VGA connections are now available at the lectern to make it easier for faculty to connect their laptops to the projector.

Conveniently tucked in a side drawer of the lectern is a document camera. This handy camera replaces the overhead transparency projector. Faculty can write by hand, show photos, or place items using the document camera. All images from the document camera are displayed through the projector so the entire class can see. Additionally, screencasting, available by request in Ledden Auditorium, captures all document camera images.

One of the most noticeable improvements to the 216 seat lecture hall is the new projector. It is brighter and clearer than the previous model while also being more energy efficient. New projector screens complement the updated projector.

At the conclusion of the refresh, the auditorium got a good cleaning to make it ready for summer session classes.

Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) is proud to raise the quality of classrooms and lecture halls throughout campus through the Classroom Refresh Project in conjunction with Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT) and Facilities Management.

More information about the Classroom and Lecture Hall Refresh Project: